Bonanza Of Article Marketing Secrets That Will Help You To Explode Your Business


Today with the high cost of PPC adverts many people are turning to article marketing. For a newbie it is very unlikely that they will be able to make a good profit in the very competitive PPC arena.

As the article marketing directories have gained in popularity there is not a better time to take advantage of this powerful method of traffic generation. In this article I would like to go over the fundamentals that you need to do to make this work.

The best way to maximize your results from your BONANZAJP article marketing efforts is to build a list. This will allow you to market over and over again to your prospects. You will be able to contact your subscribers multiple times enabling to build trust and credibility and also encourage repeat sales with loyal customers. I see so many article marketers who register a domain name and forward it to an affiliate link. They are definitely building their business the wrong way.

The best way of building this highly targeted list is to have a squeeze page. This will consist of a headline with bullet points that must trigger the hot buttons of the reader to make them want to give their email address in exchange for a free report. This is a very important aspect so I suggest you spend a lot of time on this so that you get it to convert very well. Now most the way to effectively promote your squeeze page is to write short articles of 250-350 words in length and share a slice of your expertise. It is very important that you give before you receive.


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