Can Facebook Friends Be Converted to Prospects and Leads?


People are all over the internet looking for ways to earn money, connect with friends of the past, check their e-mails and look for all types of, well, information. You’ve all heard of the technology surge that has come to us in the form of the personal computer and since that inception, a little invention called the World Wide Web, or what most of us simply call “www” or the “web”. Because most people that use the web to search for information, the #1 internet site in the world is Google. What’s amazing is that when you go to Google, there is nothing more than the word Google and a box to input your inquiry. That is all. No ads, no pitches, simply a box to input your inquiry.

Why do you think it’s the number one site on the web? Maybe it’s because the site that most people trust to find reliable information. Information is the age that we’re currently in. We had the industrial age where all the buildings and construction was developed and now we’re in the information age. People sell and people buy information. Why? People pay for information because knowledge is power, but applied knowledge powerful. Sometimes we can’t get answers from those we know personally, but through a network it may be easier to acquire the information we need.

This leads me to the #2 internet site in the world, Facebook. If you hadn’t known, more than 350 million people log onto Facebook each month. As of Feb 2010, an interview with Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg, we learned 175 million people log into Facebook each and every day, and those numbers will only increase. The majority of people on Facebook are only there to reconnect with old friends and stay connected to current one’s that live in different regions throughout the world and it’s a very practical tool. I personally have welcomed Facebook into my daily schedule and stay in contact with friends and associates. “Associates”? What could I possibly mean by “associates”?

I’m not sure if you’re aware of facebook friends remover this fact or not, but people actually pitch their businesses on Facebook. Now I know none of you that have Facebook have ever seen a feed on your page with someone talking about their business opportunity on your page right? It’s only me right? Seriously though, some of these people that have added you or that you have added only want you to join their network marketing company as soon as the request is accepted. Now I know this isn’t you. What you’re doing is actually searching for a way to introduce your business to people without looking pushy or even like a salesman. How do you do this?

Allow me give you the secret to converting Facebook friends into prospects and business partners using Facebook marketing. The key to conversion comes in one word, “conversation”. If you want to work with people within the industry and you want them to give you an ear they must know that you have an interest in them as a friend as well as a business partner. They may have no interest in the network marketing industry or maybe be new to the industry or a seasoned vet. Regardless of the company a person is affiliated with, it doesn’t mean that their having success with that company. They may have a burning desire for the industry, but they’re not having much success. They may be still calling their warm market, have been through their list already, or may have trouble building a list of contacts. You will never know these things unless you start a conversation with them. You’ve all heard the saying, “people don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.”

Show interest in your Facebook contacts. Here is the second nugget for you when building your network on Facebook, start conversations with people in MLM groups on Facebook. Majority of the people within these groups have no clue about how to market on the internet. If you visited majority of their pages you will find a similar pattern, everyone will lead with their primary business website or tell you to get started with only $10 or $25 and make thousands of dollars a month without sponsoring or building a downline. How many of you have actually clicked on these links? Not many. Why? There is no value being transferred to the reader that will make them have an interest. So, what are those in the MLM industry looking for?

Most that are on Facebook are looking for the tools needed to become successful internet marketers and the strategies that it takes to become successful. Without these tools they are spinning their wheels and under the assumption that marketing on the internet doesn’t work or that it’s reserved only for an elite few. The fact of the matter is that with the right system, training and leadership in place, having success with Facebook marketing can be an exciting and fulfilling experience.

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