Comfortable Traveling With Your Dog

It’s finally time for that long awaited and much needed vacation your family has been excited about. For the past week, everyone at home has been extra cheerful and animated, even your four-legged furry friend seems to be wagging his tail much more than usual. And why shouldn’t he, when pretty soon he will be embarking on his first holiday escapade with the rest of the family.

Gone are the days when pet owners and their canine companions had to drive numerous hours across the country to get some R and R, just to be banished and made to spend the night in a dingy along-the-road motel. These days, thanks to the rise of pet-friendly establishments, airlines and policies in general, pets can now comfortably tag along with their owners. More posh dog owners, who are willing to pay the steep price, even take their pooches overseas, now that there are pet immigration guidelines to ensure the safety and comfort of their beloved pets.

Doggy Friendly Flights

With a little research you will discover that there are an extensive number of airlines willing to accommodate your canine companions. It’s just a matter of choosing which airline has the set of policies more appealing to you for your pet.

For example, a majority of American airlines allow smaller breed dogs to stay in the cabin, though some require a pricey fee. Other airlines allow most kinds of dogs aboard, 寵物旅行 both in the cabin and aircraft hold, excluding specific breeds such as mastiffs and pitbulls. Airline companies may also require a certificate of good health.

Passport for Your Pooch

Once you’ve found the right airline for you, the next step is to get him a pet passport. A pet passport includes all documents with your dog’s information and all necessary papers required to enter a country. Having this ready will save your pet from the stress of undergoing quarantine, if all requirements are met of course. It’s a great idea to do some research first on what are the country-specific immigration rules for pets.

Classy Canine Accommodations

Hotels were among the first to catch on the dog-friendly trend, and it’s slowly spreading across the globe, though not as fast as in North America.

More upscale dog-loving hotels aim to provide their furry guests with the same experience their human counterparts receive. This includes a plethora of doggy treats, hours of pampering in a spa, a quick run on the treadmill and even a cozy bed in front of a flat screen TV! If this seems all a bit too much, there are also other more budget friendly accommodations that can still provide your pet with all the comfort he needs.


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