Commercial Real Estate Agency – Sales Team Challenges and How to Fix Them

In commercial real estate I see so often sales and leasing teams that are a bit disorganised and show a general reluctance to cooperate with fellow members of the team. The fact of the matter is that ‘when you hunt as a pack’ you can comprehensively cover the market and the opportunities. Doing it all on your own is a challenge and can slow your progress.

Lone operators and lone salespeople in commercial real estate agency will struggle unless they are very disciplined. If you are part of a team now, take the opportunity to partner up with fellow team members that you get on with, and that you will respect as to skills and work ethic. That being said, if you cannot find another person in your team that is of value and that you can respect, you are probably working in the wrong team.

When you ‘buddy’ up with another salesperson, you both should understand and implement the commitment required to do what is clearly your part of the bargain. Determine how you will split the territory, the clients, the referrals, the listings, and the commissions. It is not just a matter Blossoms by The Park of sharing the ‘spoils’, it is a matter of sharing the hard stuff, the prospecting, meetings, inspections, phone calls, and backing up each other.

I have seen some very successful ‘team’ relationships in commercial real estate agency where the skills of an individual are coupled with a like-minded fellow team member. Generally those relationships have paid off when people do the work that is expected and required, and they also go to that further level to pull in the results.

Given that this property market is a bit slower and tougher, the ‘buddy’ system really is a good idea. You can support and assist each other as you move forward in the market and the property type. You will sometimes see that your ‘buddy partner’ is stronger than you are in particular property types or elements of the job.


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