Mens Diamond Wedding Rings Found Online


At one time, mens wedding bands did not even exist. They are a fairly recent phenomenon, having become common only in the past hundred years or so – and for much of that time, consisted of little more than a simple, unadorned gold ring. Mens wedding rings have changed considerably in the last few decades, however. Today, mens diamond wedding rings and exotic pieces made from platinum and palladium and even tungsten rings have largely replaced the old-fashioned mens wedding bands of yesterday.

Mens Jewelry

Of course, traditional mens gold wedding rings are still available, and even common. Many of these however contain mounted stones; not only are mens diamond wedding rings popular today, such rings may feature rubies, sapphires, emeralds or any number of precious tungsten rings stones. It is not even uncommon to have mens wedding bands engraved, either with a meaningful phrase, the wedding date, or some type of artistic design, such as Celtic knot work patterns.

Tough and Durable

Although weddings are often sentimental occasions, men in American society are still expected to exhibit a certain degree of “ruggedness” – and some of the alternative materials that go into today’s mens wedding rings are a reflection of this.

For all their beauty and luster, mens gold wedding rings are relatively soft and easily scratched; they will also tarnish if not polished regularly. Today, tungsten rings as well as mens wedding bands made from platinum and palladium are common and quite popular. You may recall that tungsten is the metal used for old-fashioned incandescent light bulbs, while palladium is extremely hard and scratch resistant; such rings will last for several lifetimes, making them ideal heirlooms that will be cherished for generations.

The Tacorian Tradition

Some of the finest diamond wedding rings on the market today are those crafted and sold by the Tacorian family of Los Angeles. The Tacorian family escaped from Romania during the 1970s in the dark days of the Ceau_escu regime. When the eldest son realized he could earn more money in a week selling jewelry than his father made in a month at his job, Tacori Jewelers was born.

This company’s line of fine mens jewelry includes mens wedding bands made from such exotic and durable metals. Tacori mens wedding rings are often made without stones so as to allow the purchaser to choose the gem that will be mounted; they also reflect a unique sense of style that combines the baroque elegance of the late Victorian and Edwardian periods with the sleek, industrial-influenced lines of the Art Deco movement.  are among the most treasured and stylish rings available for men.

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