Video Ads – What Are They Exactly?

When I tell people that I create video ads for a living, almost immediately they say, “oh, pop-ups?” or ,”oh those ads that play before videos on ifilm?” Usually some variation of that sort of comment. I realized that many people are confused about exactly what an online video ad is. So here is the run-down.

A video ad is basically a commercial  classified free ads  or video that plays on a website for marketing or informational purposes. A video ad is just like a television commercial, except it’s on a website instead of on TV, and users generally choose to watch it to learn more about a business, its products, etc. In fact, many people call video ads.

The biggest benefit of a video ad is that it enables a business to deliver the most pertinent information and their product or service in less than 60 seconds. This makes video ads a very useful tool for businesses with complex products or services, or multiple products and/or services. A video ad also allows the business to sum up the key points of their company, and grab a viewer’s interest before the visitor is tempted to leave the website.

In 2006, the number of high-speed Internet customers surpassed the number of dial-up users for the first time, which created an optimal environment for businesses utilizing video marketing on their websites. As of this writing, over 40 million U.S. households have high-speed Internet access, and that number increases daily. This has caused online video activity to skyrocket, not just in businesses, but in private, user-generated sectors as well.

Websites like YouTube, Revver, ifilm, and over 50 other video sharing websites have had no trouble finding abundant content to deliver to viewers. Furthermore, because of the aforementioned climb in high-speed users, video sharing websites are finding sizable audiences in record time.

Online technology has finally caught up with online usability, making it easier than ever to incorporate streaming video, video ads, virtual spokespeople, complex flash content, and other rich media forms to capture viewers attention…and dollars. In fact, often points out the research results by MSN and DoubleClick that found that “Internet video ads incorporating sound and visuals increase sales and brand awareness by 71%.” – Now that’s nothin’ to sneeze at!

Next time I’ll discuss what proves to be the most effective form of online video marketing, the best way to use online video ads, and what length of online video ad is best for a website versus what is best for pre-roll (before a video segment on a video sharing website).

If you have any questions related to online marketing, online video technology, video editing techniques and software, etc., drop me a line, I’d love to hear what’s on your mind, and also explore possibilities to deliver beneficial technology to the hungry masses.

Arik Bannister is the owner of CommercialMaker, the leading online video ad production company, helping businesses throughout the world market their products and services online and on television. Arik is also the author of the Market University Product Marketing Kit a complete guide to producing and selling new inventions.

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